Lymphedema and Covid-19

People all over the world are being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. But if you have a diagnosis of cancer or/and lymphedema and rely on ongoing care from your doctors and therapists, you may especially be feeling vulnerable as access to your providers may have been altered, at least for the time being.
Let’s have a look at some of the possible ways you may be affected and let’s consider coping strategies. Nothing beats having a plan!

If you already have lymphedema, you likely have a home program in place, established with the assistance of your lymphedema specialist. If a need should arise you may still have contact by phone, or e-mail. More health care providers are utilizing some version of telemedicine as allowed by law and third-party payers. 
If you have a new cancer diagnosis, you may be starting chemo or radiation therapy treatments during this stage of the pandemic, with all the additional concerns and stress this brings. Know that our best wishes are with you and that you will come through this. Stay strong. Reach out if you need help.
If you have noticed new or recent swelling, you would under normal circumstances benefit from an assessment by a skilled lymphedema therapist, who would determine the extent of the need and offer appropriate treatment. My personal experience shows that the earlier the treatment begins for newly diagnosed swelling the better the chance of complete reversal. But all is not lost. Your other ally at the early stages of swelling is solid evidence-based information that will allow you to start taking control of your swelling.
If you have found your way to my website and blog, take the time to read the content and then reach out if you have any questions.
To everyone, take good care of your health. My future blog will be on preventative care; What you can do to stay healthy!!!

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