Do You Want to Survive or Heal?

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly” – Lao Tzu 

There is a predominant misperception that what is needed in the fight against cancer is a cure! This sentence conjures up an image of a person diagnosed with cancer fighting tooth-and-nail to survive! Let’s look at the language being used. Fighting creates an image of confrontation, endless battles, fatigue, fear, and little possibility for success! The cure seems so far away! This level of initial response to any diagnosis is understandable! Fear is a human response, but we are also capable of more! 

Beyond the fear there is a more complex response possible that will release inner healing capacities that cannot come forth from fear. Dr. Kelly Turner, researcher and psychotherapist who specializes in integrative oncology says that the body knows what it needs to heal. She studied radical remission survivors, people diagnosed with cancer who went into a spontaneous remission. Her conclusion is that the body has an innate, intuitive knowledge about what it needs in order to heal, and it can often let you know why it got sick in the first place. Many radical remission survivors believe it is vital to check in with your intuition before making any sort of healing plan. Radical remission survivors get involved with the planning process of their treatment, they do not rely on expert doctors to determine what is wrong with their bodies and how to fix it. The notion of waiting for a cure, puts the solution outside of you, in someone else’s hands! A researcher, a pharmaceutical company, people you’ve never met and likely never will. How can they know the intimate details of your life, the stressors that may have impacted your immune system, your beliefs, your thoughts? All of these influence our bodies ability to heal. Some healers believe the body can heal instantly, it’s our belief system that makes us think that it takes a long time. Another healer reports that cancer is actually only a messenger. It’s a messenger to say that something is out of alignment. Find out what that something is and the energetics of your own body will begin to correct that system. 

Food for thought, isn’t it? Come back to my inspirational blog. You might just be surprised at what we already know!

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