About Jean

Jean A. Yzer has dedicated her professional life as a Physical Therapist to helping others on their journey back to health. She is also a certified lymphedema therapist and a published author. 

Jean believes that true healing requires integrating Mind-Body-Spirit health, and that this is a process unique to every individual. She is herself a life-long student of integrative healing techniques which she incorporates in her treatment and counseling sessions. Jean believes in the Power of Intention and her spiritual practice which includes meditation, keeps her mind focused on creating positive outcomes for her clients. 

At her clinic Total Lymphedema Care in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Jean discovered that topical skin cooling has a therapeutic effect in the management of lymphedema. Her clinical judgment supports an emerging theory that chronic lymphedema must also be understood as a progressive inflammatory process. 

Jean’s book Cooling for Lymphedema is available on Amazon. She also co-authored a quantitative research study and demonstrated a reduction in the common symptoms of lymphedema when topical skin cooling was applied within a moderate temperature range determined to be safe for human tissue. 

She now leads the way in her profession instructing health professionals and patients alike in the use of topical skin cooling for the prevention and management of lymphedema. Jean is also the founder of South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center, a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the treatment of lymphedema. 

Jean Yzer is available for consultations and speaking engagements.

Professional speaking engagements 

World Congress of Physical Therapy, Geneva Switzerland 2019

International Lymphedema Framework, Rotterdam Holland 2018 

University of Chicago Symposium on Lymphedema, Chicago Illinois 2018 

National Lymphedema Network, Orlando Florida 2017