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Jean Yzer

Our Objectives Are:
  1. Changing Perception
    Change your focus to the new unfolding story about lymphedema and your healing
  2. Cutting-edge Education

    Learn about the latest advances in managing and preventing lymphedema, incorporating a holistic approach and healthy habits.

  3. Community and Connection

    Find a supportive community where you can hear testimonials and find solutions.

  4. Current Research
    Learn about current research to empower your healing.

What People Say


“Exercising keeps me physically and mentally fit. Since my lumpectomy and radiation, my breast and arm swell from exercise even though I wear a compression sleeve and bra. Now I cool my breast and arm after exercise.”



“I was diagnosed with lymphedema in my arm and ribs. Using a compression sleeve helped the arm, but not the pain in the ribs. Skin cooling resolved my pain and I can now swim again.”



“I had an infection on my mastectomy scar before radiation treatment. The docs were concerned my skin would break down. I used the cooling towels daily. After 28 treatments my breast was softer and healed.”



“I cool frequently during the humid Florida summer. My arm fills even while wearing a compression sleeve. Applying the cooling towels reduces my lymphedema.”